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We are excited to unveil our first-ever SPX Academy @ 2023 Grey Cup Festival Hamilton! 

We aim to provide you with a full-on SponsorshipX engagement in a sixteen-hour window. The SPX Academy @ Grey Cup Festival 2023 is affordable, educational, and memorable. Along with our partners at the Grey Cup Festival, we will jam, not jelly, all of our magic into a one-day experience. 

Here is how it is going to work. 

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The first part of the day is at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, the site of the 110th Grey Cup. Remember that the SPX Academy is on Saturday, November 18, 2023 - the day before Grey Cup. After registering, you can take a stadium tour, enjoy a hearty breakfast, talk to innovative partners in the Xperience Zone, or network. Get ready for a few surprises!

Most of our formal sessions - keynotes, workshops, classrooms, seminars and behind-the-scenes classes - are in rooms and venues throughout Tim Hortons Field. Amongst the backdrop of wicked Grey Cup branding, You will learn, be inspired, and think differently. The SPX Academy content is curated to accelerate your professional development as a marketer. 

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Mid-afternoon, the scene shifts to Downtown Hamilton. The first stop will be the Grey Cup Street Festival, where the activations and activity will be at a fever pitch. We will break into units and tour several sites, where Festival corporate partners will hold "tent-side" chats to explain their strategies and creativity. It sounds like Xperiential learning to us! 

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To close out the day, you will attend the SPX Team Dinner, where we will celebrate a great day of learning and connecting. You have heard that the food scene in Hamilton is one of the fastest developing anywhere, and now you will get a chance to savour it firsthand. 

So there you have it.

It will be an intensely fun and worthwhile day. It is the first time we have done a one-day SPX Academy, and we are excited for your feedback. We will have more information regarding transportation recommendations, options to buy Grey Cup event tickets and other vital information over the next few weeks, so join our mailing list - to receive our newsletter or follow us.

Your first step besides enrolling? Get in SponsorshipX shape!

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Grow Your Game!

Be Informed. Build Your Skills

It is time to get your thinking hat on again after three years of pivoting, transforming, and dealing with supply chain issues and staffing shortages. After learning and unlearning participant safety protocols until you thought it would never end, we are all ready for a reset. 

Finally, you can exhale and spend some time studying your craft. An opportunity to hear the latest trends, dive deep into best-in-class case studies, and debate with your peers what works and what does not.

Session Types

Session Types

C-Suite Keynotes

These sessions, delivered by changemakers, c-level executives, and collaborators, occur on our two main stages in theatre-style rooms in the Caretakers Club and the City Lounge. Expect big thinking and big ideas explored in new and engaging ways. 

Activation Zone

Time to hit pay dirt in the SponsorshipX Activation Zone featuring our leading-edge partners who will help make your next campaign a winner. The Zone is not a trade show; no ten-by-ten booths here; this is a chance for you to be entertained and educated!


Time to go back to school is your chance to roll up your sleeves and dive deeply into a particular subject or topic. In small, intimate groups, these sessions occur in Club Rooms 1, 2, 4 and 5 and are curated to provide the professional development you need to help advance your career. 

Festival Xperiences

SponsorshipX will show, not just tell, from the stadium to the city center, through hands-on experiences held at various locations across the Grey Cup Festival site. Brand and property stakeholders will provide insights on stadium tours, behind-the-scenes production, and brand activation tours. Enjoy your opportunity to see the festival in action.


Session Types

Mind Games

The personal development race is on between you and ChatGPT? Or is it? The Mind Games track, filled with hands-on training sessions, allows you to build your competency and capacity.  

The Scoreboard

The truth hurts. But we can’t live without it. The Scoreboard will share the stats, latest data, analytical tools, and landscape information to inform your next campaign.  

Scouting Report

What is next, what is now, what is new, and how it is all utilized. More than just trends, the Scouting Report is going to help you understand the innovations you want to be leveraging today.  

Brand Fans 

At the end of the day, every brand is after the same thing. More fans. More high-value customers, consumers, and clients. Case studies from B2B, B2C, and B2B2C examples will illustrate achieving record numbers of Brand Fans.

1,2,3 Reasons to Attend the SPX Academy

🏈 Are you ready to elevate your skills and enjoy an unforgettable experience? Join us at the SPX Academy on November 18th, in partnership with the Grey Cup Festival, right in the heart of Hamilton. Here are three fantastic reasons why you can't miss this event:

1️⃣ Unlock Your Potential: Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or simply looking to expand your horizons, SPX Academy has you covered. Learn the latest trends, sharpen your presentation skills, ignite your creativity, and master the art of sales. Our expert speakers and workshops will leave you with valuable insights and actionable strategies to excel in your field.

2️⃣ Feast on Knowledge and Culinary Delights: At SPX Academy, we believe in nourishing both your mind and body. That's why we're offering a delicious all-day dining experience. Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, a mouthwatering lunch, and a delectable dinner, all included with your ticket. And to top it all off, our closing dinner party at the prestigious Diplomat in downtown Hamilton promises an evening of networking and celebration you won't want to miss.

3️⃣ Go Behind the Scenes of the Grey Cup Festival: Ever wondered what it takes to stage a world-class event like the Grey Cup Festival? Now's your chance to find out! Join our exclusive activation tour and get a sneak peek at how the Grey Cup and the festival are meticulously planned and executed. Gain insider knowledge about the logistics, creativity, and teamwork that make this event a success year after year.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn, network, and be inspired at the SPX Academy during the Grey Cup Festival. Get ready to make meaningful connections, enhance your skills, and witness the magic behind one of Canada's most iconic celebrations. Mark your calendar for November 18th and secure your spot today! 🎉🌟 #SPXAcademy #GreyCupFestival #HamiltonEvents #LearningAndCelebration

SPX Academy Instructors


Mark Harrison

Founder, SponsorshipX

The Hustler's Journey: Unleashing the Marketer Within

Get ready for a transformational experience as Mark Harrison, Founder, SponsorshipX, takes the stage at SPX Academy 2023 to deliver his edgy and inspiring keynote, ""The Hustler's Journey."" Building upon the foundation of his in-demand keynote, ""The Entrepreneur in You,"" Mark is here to dive deeper into the world of personal development, growth mindset, advancement, capacity building, motivation, and sheer determination – all tailored specifically for marketers.

In a world where entrepreneurship is on the rise, with more freelancers, gig workers, and entrepreneurs emerging every day, the role of marketers is evolving. Mark, a true entrepreneurism enthusiast, will guide you on an exhilarating journey to uncover the hidden potential within every marketer.

Mark's keynote will explore how the principles of entrepreneurial success can be harnessed by marketers to excel in their dynamic field. He'll reveal the secret formula for marketers to thrive in an ever-changing landscape, emphasizing the crucial skills needed for success. Marketers will gain insights into how to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit within their marketing endeavours.

Prepare to be inspired and motivated as Mark shares his wisdom on navigating the marketing world with the mindset of a hustler. Whether you're an established marketing professional or just starting your journey in this exciting field, this keynote will equip you with the tools, motivation, and strategies needed to become a true marketing hustler.


Join us at SPX Academy 2023 for ""The Hustler's Journey,"" and unlock your potential as a marketer, ready to thrive in the fast-paced world of marketing innovation and growth. Mark will empower you to rise to the challenge and embrace your inner marketing hustler. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your marketing career – your journey begins here.

Mark Harrison S.png

Steve Levy

COO, Ipsos Canada

Present Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks for Better Presentations 

If you’re looking to up your presentation game, this workshop is for you. Join Steve Levy, of Ipsos Canada and SparkVisionComs to learn some tangible tips, tricks, and techniques to help you take your presentations to the next level. Steve will cover the key elements of effective communication, the importance of knowing your audience, the basics of body language and voice, and how to use visuals to your advantage.  “Public speaking is a fear for many and there are NO naturals” is part of Steve’s mantra with a view that even the best speakers are heavily coached, rehearsed, and more. 

Steve Levy.png

Jamie McCormick

Account Executive, The GIST

Building Authentic Connections with Brand Advocates

Brands can achieve remarkable outcomes, including increased brand loyalty, trust, reputation, and ROI, by developing genuine and meaningful relationships with passionate customers and fans. But how can you authentically cultivate a community of brand advocates and leverage sponsorship to achieve remarkable outcomes? The GIST, a fan-first sports media brand, has mastered this art by disrupting the male-dominated sports industry and appealing to sports fans who don’t fit (or maybe don’t want to fit) the traditional avid sports fan mold. Join Jamie McCormick, Account Executive at The GIST, in an engaging workshop that explores the strategies for building authentic connections with brand advocates. Discover innovative ways to reach and engage with new fans, and learn how to effectively incorporate sponsorship into your approach. Gain valuable insights from compelling case studies featuring The GIST's successful partnerships with FanDuel, the NBA, and Topps, and discover how to shape (or reshape) your approach to cultivating brand advocacy. By the end of this workshop, you will have a solid understanding and practical application of the difference between reaching an audience and truly connecting with that audience to build genuine relationships with brand advocates.

Jamie McCormick_S.png

Norm O'Reilly

Dean, Graduate School of Business, University of Maine
Partner, The T1 Agency

Official Release: 17th Annual Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study

Since 2006, the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study (CSLS) has become the standard and the go-to resource for Canadian sponsorship industry information. Now in its 17th annual edition, the bilingual study captures the latest findings from the 2022 sponsorship year and forecasts 2023 and beyond. Join the study’s lead author, Norm O’Reilly, Dean, Graduate School of Business, University of Maine & Partner at T1 as he presents its results and summarizes the reality and trends facing brands, properties, and agencies. This year’s study will deep dive into the skills that sponsorship professionals need, and the value that agencies can provide to their brand clients. Learn why this year’s results show some important shifts in the industry and elevate your sponsorship game by having the latest trends at your fingertips.  

Norm O'Reilly_S.png

Tali Remennik

 CEO & Co-Founder, Granularity

Trendspotting: Maximizing Sponsorship Success in a Rapidly Changing Landscape

Curious about predicting upcoming trends and effectively responding to them, even those that pop up overnight from platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube? Although these trends may begin as subtle shifts in behaviours or attitudes, they can escalate into significant changes in consumer preferences. To navigate this evolving landscape, sponsorship marketers must stay well-informed, remain adaptable, and seize the available opportunities. So, what actionable steps can you take to harness the power of trends? Join Tali Remennik, CEO & Co-Founder of Granularity, for a classroom-style session to delve into comprehending how to effectively utilize trends in both the short and long term. Learn the art of pinpointing trends through data-driven insights instead of relying on guesswork, uncover strategies to refine your sponsorship approach based on these trends, and learn how to leverage trends to stay relevant, generate impact, and drive results.

Tali Remennik_S.png

Alicia Taggio

Director, Customer Success Tradable Bits

Unlocking the Power of Data for Sponsorship Success

Data is one of the biggest buzzwords of today's business world, yet marketers rarely utilize it effectively.  If you're ready to disrupt the industry and innovate when it comes to engaging, capturing and utilizing data in more effective ways, then this is the workshop for you. Join Alicia Taggio, Director of Customer Success at Tradable Bits, for an interactive session that will equip you with the necessary skills to convert your social data into valuable first-party data, capturing it in more engaging ways and activating it in a timely manner. Alicia will also share case studies from the sports, music, and entertainment industries, giving you a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn't. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your approach and harness the power of data to propel your next sponsorship initiative toward success.

Alicia Taggio_S.png

Saturday, November 18, 2023