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"SponsorshipX Toronto @ Rogers NHL® All-Star Presented by Canadian Tire will unite visionaries, innovators, and influential changemakers who are pivotal in shaping the future landscape of sports marketing"

Mark Harrison, SponsorshipX Founder 

Theme: The Future of Sports Marketing

Embark on a transformative journey into 'The Future of Sports Marketing' at SponsorshipX Toronto, where we delve into the dynamic shifts defining the sports industry of tomorrow. Explore the evolving landscape of sports fandom, envisioning the games they'll watch, play, and the icons they'll celebrate in the years ahead.

Amidst evolving consumer interests, SponsorshipX Toronto will explore strategies for brands to effectively capitalize on new approaches, navigating through innovative technologies and business models shaping the future of sports marketing.


Meet the visionaries, strategists, and influencers—the changemakers redefining the game and ushering in a new era. Within the sports marketing ecosystem, SPX identifies the key players propelling this evolution, envisioning new leagues, events, and properties. Join us in envisioning a landscape where innovation and collaboration forge the path forward.

More than just profit, SPX explores the profound impact of sports on societies and communities, emphasizing the pivotal role of the sports industry in shaping future values and connections.

Join us at SponsorshipX Toronto as we decode the blueprint for success, understanding the fan, embracing technology, and fostering community engagement to shape the vibrant future of sports marketing.

Envisioning Tomorrow: The Anticipated Saga of Innovation and Partnership at SponsorshipX Toronto 2024

In the vibrant heart of Toronto, as the city prepares to embrace the 2024 Rogers NHL®  All-Star, another momentous event is set to unfold. SponsorshipX Toronto, not just a mere conference but a narrative waiting to be written, is poised to explore the burgeoning future of sports marketing.

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January 31st: The Prelude of Possibilities

The story will commence on a crisp January evening. SPX Global's reception will be the first chapter, where delegates from across North America and beyond will converge. This evening will be more than a meet-and-greet; it will be a canvas for the first strokes of a rich dialogue about emerging trends, with a spotlight on innovative North American brands, including returning brands, ready to share their renewed visions.

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February 1st: The Plot Unfolds

With the dawn of February 1st, the main venue will transform into a hub of intellectual and creative energy. Sessions, encompassing C-Suite Keynotes and ChalkTalks, will delve into the evolving narrative of sports marketing. A new sports marketing partner will articulate their strategic choices of a critical focus, juxtaposing this against a seasoned sponsiorship collaborator, who will unveil a refreshed strategy informed by insightful analytics and evolving fan dynamics.

The afternoon will resonate with the voices of live podcasting, featuring entities like Daily Face Off and La Poche Bleue. These real-time discussions will extend the conference's reach, connecting the on-site energy with a global audience.

As evening approaches, the narrative will shift to the Scotiabank Arena for the NHL® All-Star Thursday, showcasing a harmonious blend of sports excellence and marketing ingenuity.

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February 2nd: The Climactic Insights

The narrative will continue at the Hyundai NHL Fan Fair ™ the next day, transforming into a live stage for insights and revelations. Brand leaders will take delegates through their activations, revealing the 'why' behind their innovative approaches.

Back at the main venue, Lunch & Learn sessions will offer a reflective interlude, digesting the morning's insights. The afternoon will unveil the complexities of fan behaviour, media trends, and the evolving landscape of sports marketing.

A session featuring new fan cohorts will provide fresh perspectives, echoing the diverse voices of an evolving fan base. The day will culminate in a networking event, where a celebrity keynote will symbolize the confluence of sports, marketing, and societal impact.

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The Epilogue: Shaping the Future

Changemakers will share forward-looking narratives, sparking discussions about inclusivity and the future direction of sports marketing. Visionaries across the league will preview upcoming fan experiences while retired players-turned-entrepreneurs narrate their post-rink ventures.

The conference will not just discuss initiatives but will celebrate them. Announcements of new community programs and strategic partnership case studies will highlight sports' expanding reach and influence, shaping future participation and engagement.

As SponsorshipX Toronto 2024 concludes, it will be apparent that the delegates are not just witnesses but active contributors to a narrative shaping the future of sports marketing. This future is a tapestry of innovation, inclusivity, and transformative partnerships.



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