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SPX Academy to Feature Delegate E-Book  "Brainchild of the PNE!"

Grow Your Game! Be Informed. Build Your Skills.

t is time to get your thinking hat on again after three years of pivoting, transforming, and dealing with supply chain issues and staffing shortages. After learning and unlearning participant safety protocols until you thought it would never end, we are all ready for a reset. Finally, you can exhale and spend some time studying your craft. An opportunity to hear the latest trends, dive deep into best-in-class case studies, and debate with your peers what works and what does not.

The SPX Academy theme is not just a theme. It is our mission and guiding mantra for every programming decision the SponsorshipX team makes, from selecting speakers who will be your instructors to balancing content across our four tracks.

Track 1 – Mind Games

The personal development race is on between you and ChatGPT? Or is it? The Mind Games track, filled with hands-on training sessions, allows you to build your competency and capacity.

Track 2 – The Scoreboard

The truth hurts. But we can’t live without it. The Scoreboard will share the stats, latest data, analytical tools, and landscape information to inform your next campaign.

Track 3 – Scouting Report

What is next, what is now, what is new, and how is it all utilized. More than just trends, the Scouting Report is going to help you understand the innovations you want to be leveraging today.

Track 4 – Brand Fans

At the end of the day, every brand is after the same thing. More fans. More high-value customers, consumers, and clients. Case studies from examples of B2B, B2C, and B2B2C will illustrate achieving record numbers of Brand Fans.

Admittedly, a lot will happen during the day, with anywhere from two to six sessions running concurrently. Thankfully, or more precisely, thanks to our partners at the PNE, we will be producing an e-book so you won’t miss out on any content.

The SPX Academy E-Book is the brainchild of Melissa Moskal and Karen Massicotte from the PNE. They have contributed extensively as individuals and professionals to help elevate the sponsorship marketing industry. When they brought this idea to Team SPX, we were delirious.

The PNE is funding the curation of this e-book, which will feature all of the presentations from the symposium, so while you may have missed the actual time session, you will have access to the content. In addition, the e-book will have a copy of the 2022 Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study - which will be presented at the Academy for the first time in 2023- and additional content. SponsorshipX will tap business influencers, consultants, and advocates to share articles and blogs to help grow your game.

We would love to hear what you want to learn from our instructors in the coming weeks. We will make sure to share it with them for their presentation preparation, and we will also share it back to all of our delegates in the SPX Academy E-book, courtesy of the PNE.

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