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Inspiring Through Sponsorship Marketing: A Brand's Guide

Last week, Team SPX attended a symposium hosted by Ipsos' Steve Levy, who shared fascinating research on inspiration in consumer behaviour and how brands can respond to it. This research got me thinking about the decisive role that sponsorship marketing can play in creating motivation and forging deep connections with consumers.

Ipsos conducted this insightful study, shedding light on what inspiration means to different people and how it can significantly influence our relationship with brands.

Ipsos posed a straightforward question to consumers: "What does 'inspiration' mean to you?" The responses were diverse, but three core themes emerged: new ideas, innovation, and a sense of positivity. While it's encouraging to know that over a third of us experience inspiration every week, it's concerning that one in five of us hasn't felt inspired in the past six months.

The research clarified that family plays a central role in inspiring individuals, with 40% of respondents citing their family as their primary source of inspiration. In comparison, influencers (5%) and celebrities (4%) lagged. Brands that aspire to become sources of inspiration must resonate with consumer values. The study highlighted that brands like Nike, Dove, Apple, and Adidas have achieved this by embodying honesty, authenticity, and a commitment to giving back.

Let's explore how sponsorship marketing can be a potent tool for brands to inspire and connect with their audience:

Partner with Inspiring Causes:

Sponsorship marketing allows brands to align with causes that inspire positive change. Supporting charitable organizations, environmental initiatives, or community events can showcase a brand's commitment to making a difference in the world.

Share Inspiring Stories:

Utilize sponsorship opportunities to share compelling stories. Whether it's an athlete's journey overcoming challenges or a community project's success, these narratives can resonate deeply with your audience and evoke inspiration.

Create Engaging Experiences:

Sponsorship often involves events or experiences. Make these moments memorable by offering interactive activities, workshops, or exhibitions encouraging attendees to participate and learn.

Highlight Personal Achievements:

If your brand sponsors individuals or teams, celebrate their accomplishments. Recognize their sense of action, the future-oriented mindset, and the desire to make an impact. Showcase their inspiring journeys through various marketing channels.

Foster a Sense of Community:

Sponsorship can help create communities of like-minded individuals. Encourage engagement among your audience, facilitate discussions, and provide a platform for them to share their inspiring stories related to your brand or cause.

Align with Influential Figures:

While family and friends are primary sources of inspiration, aligning with local heroes and community leaders through sponsorship can have a powerful impact. These figures are often more relatable and accessible to your target audience.

Demonstrate Authenticity:

Just as the Ipsos research highlighted the importance of honesty and authenticity, ensure that your sponsorship efforts align with your brand's core values. Authenticity is the key to building trust and inspiring lasting connections.

Encourage Personal Growth:

Sponsorship marketing can offer personal growth and skill development opportunities. Whether through workshops, mentorship programs, or educational initiatives, your brand can empower individuals to strive for continuous improvement.

In conclusion, sponsorship marketing is a versatile tool that, when used strategically, can elevate your brand's ability to inspire. By partnering with inspiring causes, sharing meaningful stories, creating engaging experiences, and fostering a sense of community, your brand can become a beacon of inspiration in the eyes of your audience.

Remember, the essence of inspiration lies in aligning with values, demonstrating authenticity, and empowering individuals to create positive change. So, as you embark on your sponsorship marketing journey, consider how you can make a meaningful impact and inspire those who engage with your brand.

SponsorshipX is excited to welcome PNE to the SPX Academy as our Education Partner.

A lot will happen during the SPX Academy day, with anywhere from two to six sessions running concurrently. Thankfully, or more precisely, thanks to our partners at the PNE, we will be producing an e-book so you won’t miss out on any content.

The SPX Academy E-Book is the brainchild of Melissa Moskal and Karen Massicotte from the PNE. They have contributed extensively as individuals and professionals to help elevate the sponsorship marketing industry. When they brought this idea to Team SPX, we were delirious.

The PNE is funding the curation of this e-book, which will feature all of the presentations from the symposium, so while you may have missed the actual time session, you will have access to the content. In addition, the e-book will have a copy of the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study - presented at the SPX Academy for the first time in 2023- and additional content. SponsorshipX will tap business influencers, consultants, and advocates to share articles and blogs to help grow your game.

We would love to hear what you want to learn from our instructors in the coming weeks. We will make sure to share it with them for their presentation preparation, and we will also share it back to all of our delegates in the SPX Academy E-book, courtesy of the PNE!

SponsorshipX is proud to partner with the PNE on this initiative to help you advance your career.

Please check out - or email Melissa ( for more information regarding the PNE

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