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Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Renews Partnership with SponsorshipX

SponsorshipX is excited to announce a renewal of its partnership with the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE).

The PNE will be the Day Partner for all content and programming on July 28t) of SponsorshipX Whistler 2023. The day will feature content from Leaders & Visionaries, mountain hikes, gondola talks, and a summer feast for all attendees.

Today, the Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) opened a call for sponsorship partners, including naming rights, for its highly anticipated PNE amphitheatre project. The project, which has been in the planning stages for several years is anticipated to be one of the most spectacular venues of its kind on the West Coast of North America when completed in 2026.

“The amphitheatre will be a jewel in Vancouver’s crown of spectacular venues,” says PNE President and CEO Shelley Frost. “The project is designed to showcase British Columbia building products and engineering while adhering to the highest standards of environmental sustainability. When complete, the venue will be used to host a wide variety of music and culture events – ranging from our incredibly popular Summer Night Concerts at the PNE Fair to arts and culture performances by symphony’s, cultural innovators, community organizations, and others. With the beautiful BC mountains in the background, a clear-span wood roof that is not only beautiful but is also engineered to act as a significant sound barrier to mitigate noise bleed into the surrounding community, we believe there will not be another venue like this anywhere in Canada.”

Designed by renowned Vancouver-based architecture company Revery Architecture the amphitheatre will begin construction in early 2024 with completion set for summer 2026. One of the most spectacular elements of the design is the roof structure, which, when completed will be the largest clear span engineered mass timbre and steel roof in the world.

SponsorshipX Whistler will provide you a front-row seat into this once-in-a-generation partnership y for value-aligned organizations to help create an iconic Canadian legacy.

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