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OUA’s annual economic impact determined to be $300M to $600M across Ontario

In a recent Impact Study completed in June 2022, in partnership with Dr. Norm O’Reilly and the T1 Agency, it was determined that Ontario University Athletics (OUA) has an annual economic impact of $300M to $600M.

A partner with T1, where he has worked with many brand and property clients over the past 15 years, O’Reilly explains that the study provides an extensive, conservative, and reliable analysis of all the financial and non-financial impacts that the OUA and its 20 university athletic department members have on the local municipalities in Ontario.

“When the opportunity came up to work with the OUA on the Impact Study, it was a very special project for me,” explained O’Reilly, who is recognized internationally as one of the foremost scholars on sport business and sponsorship. “As a former two-sport OUA athlete and former OUA champion, it was an opportunity to test an academically proven model on a property that I love and know very well.”

The significant impact showcases that university athletics in Ontario brings notable financial impact and a long list of more than 80 non-financial benefits to provincial communities.

Continued O’Reilly, who is the Dean of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Maine and previously founded the International Institute for Sport Business & Leadership at the University of Guelph, “Whether attracting students from out of town, bringing people to town as tourists, or building cultures of volunteerism in town, the 20 athletic departments of the OUA are providing value to the communities in which they operate.”

“Within those communities,” finished O’Reilly, “local event operators, facility managers, hotel operators, restaurant owners, and other consumer-facing local organizations benefit from the OUA”.

Added Gord Grace, OUA President & CEO, “When looking at both the financial and non-financial impact that the OUA has across the province, the role and scope of university athletics in Ontario is clear. We are thankful for the support received thus far and look forward to working with our provincial partners and supporters to see continued growth of this meaningful and substantial annual impact.”

Further insights and results from the Impact Study can be found HERE

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