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Investing in Me

by Vanessa Toperczer,

SVP IMI International

Hard to scale mountains, if you’re not taking the time to focus on yourself to get there!

There’s always so much to do, deadlines to meet, people to please, but do you ever look back and wonder where the time went? While you were ‘busy’ what did you accomplish? What are you proud of?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the noise and lose focus on what is important to you – on what will make YOU feel good. Checking-in helps us stay grounded on our goals and purpose…and purpose drives confidence, joy, and momentum. It promotes focus and ignites energy!

At the start of the pandemic, I joined the Network of Executive Women (now NextUp) mentorship team. The clear draw was to do anything possible to help as many as I could, and selfishly, I also needed the help and to connect.

The decision for the theme of our next virtual event was clear – INVESTING IN ME. During a time when everything seemed to be out of control, we wanted to be the space to help people pause, re-group and move towards something that would make them feel good.

I was “voluntold” to tell my story, which forced me to reflect on some of the principles I live by…but never really summarized them.

The full keynote isn’t here, but my hope here is that this can provide a little inspiration, so you invest in your most important asset; YOURSELF; and that you make the promise to walk away from this with just one thing to focus on and make happen.

Now -

As Simon Sinek says, there are two ways to see the world.

Seeing what prevents you….

Or seeing what you want.

I chose to see what I want.

Generally, we’re own worst enemies because we see what prevents us. We are the problem. The question is, how do you counter the gremlin that can bring you down and take the time to invest in yourself? Moving towards what you want doesn’t have to be in huge broad strokes… But in small steps Attainable steps that add up over time… and you don’t even realize it! MINDSET. IS. EVERYTHING. and SMALL STEPS CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE For me it boils down to 4 things: Curiosity Inspiration Clarity Purposeful Action

Don’t be afraid to:

BE Curious

Be open

See the opportunity in everything

Explore differing viewpoints

Move towards the positive vs the negative

Seek Inspiration

From others

From yourself

Find a different vantage point – make a small adjustment in your routine - the smallest of adjustments uncover inspiration

Look for Clarity.

What YOU like,

and sometimes more important – what you DON’T like

What are you REALLY looking to solve?


Take Purposeful Action

Small steps. Attainable goals. One foot in front of the other.

As simple as a conversation or a daily commitment.

As complex as a full-blown action plan.

Don’t overthink it – just DO.

You don’t have to have all the answers right now

BUT make a point to pause from time to time and check-in.

Then, make small goals and it will connect as you go - YOUR WAY!

So, think about one thing you want. What’s your gut say? Now consider what you have in your “tool kit” to get you there, what you might need and who can help you. Take the time to make a small step to get you there and make it happen. Remember, MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. You can see what prevents you – or you can see what you want.


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