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JULY 25 - 27, 2024

"Attend SponsorshipX Whistler 2024 as we invite you to explore 'The Future of Brand Champions.' Attendees will learn how to build, energize, and transform brands while discovering the power of sponsorship marketing and community building to drive brand success.

This event equips brand leaders with the inspiration and information they need to align their portfolios with their businesses' evolving needs effectively."

Mark Harrison, SponsorshipX Founder 

What Happens At SPX Whistler?

July 25th - Registration and Welcome

Upon arriving in the vibrant atmosphere of Whistler, BC, attendees will immediately feel the buzz of anticipation. The opening day of SponsorshipX Whistler 2024, themed "The Future of Brand Champions," will offer an early arrival opportunity to soak in the scenic beauty of Whistler. The registration process will be our first of many introductions, setting a welcoming tone for the event. ​ Participants will then join the welcome reception, a perfect platform for mingling, savouring exquisite food and drink, and making new acquaintances. This gathering of marketers, brand champions, and innovators will spark conversations filled with insights and opportunities for forging new connections. ​ The evening will escalate with an exclusive visit to a Crankworx World Tour event, where attendees will be seated in the "Champions' section." The thrilling bike stunts and enthusiastic crowd will epitomize the spirit of the conference: dynamic, exhilarating, and forward-thinking.

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July 26th - A Day of Learning and Adventure

Follwing a networking breakfast. the first half of the day will feature a selection of C-suite speaking sessions. Industry leaders and brand champions will share their experiences and strategies, offering invaluable insights on sustainable brand building and engaging younger demographics. ​ In the afternoon, the Peak 2 Peak sessions will provide a unique setting for more intimate discussions and networking, all taking place in the sky-high gondolas of Whistler. The stunning views will add an unforgettable backdrop to these insightful conversations. The day will conclude with dinner at the summit, at the renowned Umbrella Bar, where breathtaking views will accompany the evening's reflections.

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July 27th - Immersion and Celebration

The final day will kick off with an energetic bike ride, embodying the spirit of Crankworx and setting an active tone for the day. This activity will be refreshing, aligning with the conference's engaging ethos. ​​ Attendees will then embark on a tour of brand activations, exploring innovative campaigns that effectively engage Gen Z and Millennials, providing firsthand insight into successful marketing strategies. ​ Over lunch, the learning journey will continue with further discussions and stories from brand champions, offering lessons in triumphs and challenges. ​ The afternoon will climax with the Red Bull Joyride, an event synonymous with engagement and brand excitement, mirroring the principles discussed throughout the conference. As evening approaches, participants will gather for the final dinner to reflect and celebrate the knowledge and experiences gained. The closing remarks will encapsulate the essence of this transformative journey. ​ The conference will wrap up with an exploration of Whistler's nightlife, offering a fitting conclusion to a memorable event, leaving attendees inspired and ready to cultivate the future of brand champions in their respective fields.

Theme: The Future of Brand Champions

In 2024, SponsorshipX Whistler extends a unique invitation to immerse yourself in the evolving landscape of Brand Champions—individuals and entities that drive brand innovation, embody purpose, advocate for sustainability, and focus on financial success. Our reimagined theme, "Cultivating the Future of Brand Champions," offers a deep dive into these champions' transformative role in shaping brand identities and influencing consumer engagement.

At the heart of our conference, we will explore how Brand Champions are not just creating brands but are actively redefining them. Attendees will gain insights into successful strategies for nurturing Brand Champions who can authentically connect with diverse and discerning audiences. We will showcase inspiring case studies and the latest trends in champion-driven branding.

Moreover, the conference will empower participants to elevate existing brands by fostering Brand Champions. Discover how to inject your brand with purpose, sustainability, and authenticity, and learn how these champions can amplify your brand's voice through sponsorship marketing and robust community engagement.

Transformation through Brand Champions signifies progress in the marketing world. SponsorshipX Whistler 2024 will provide the knowledge and inspiration to cultivate these champions, ensuring your brand's relevance and resonance in a rapidly shifting landscape.

In an era where dynamic partnerships and community-centric marketing are essential, our conference will underscore the critical role of Brand Champions in leveraging sponsorships for growth. Attendees will better understand how to engage and empower these champions, utilizing their influence to forge strong community connections and drive brand success.

Understanding the journey and impact of Brand Champions is crucial for those in the sponsorship realm. This conference will offer vital insights into the evolving role of these champions, enabling sponsorship sellers to more effectively align their offerings with brand objectives, creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Join us at SponsorshipX Whistler 2024 for a journey into the future, where cultivating Brand Champions is at the forefront of brand success, sponsorship marketing, and community engagement, charting a new course in the dynamic world of marketing and consumer connection.

Session Types

Session Types

C-Suite Keynotes

These sessions delivered by changemakers, c-level executives, and collaborators take place on the main stage with a life-size screen in a theatre-style room. Expect big thinking and big ideas to be explored in new and engaging ways.​

Talk Show

Talk Show sessions feature 1:1 interviews, debates, panels, and reports from around the world hosted by a diverse range of moderators and facilitators. These sessions are designed to be a collaborative and interactive experience for everyone. ​


This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and do a deep dive on a particular subject or topic. In small, intimate groups, these sessions are curated to provide the professional development you need to help advance your career. ​


1:00 PM - 4:30 PM


– Hilton Whistler

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Welcome Dinner

- Crankworx Tower

7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Crankworx Pump Track

Pro Finals


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Networking Breakfast & C-Suite Keynotes

- Maury Young Arts Centre

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Box Lunch & Peak 2 Peak Gondola Sessions

- Whistler Village Gondola

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Mountain Hike

- Whistler Mountain

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Après Cocktails

– Umbrella Bar

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Mountain Top Summer Feast 
– Roundhouse Lodge


9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Breakfast & Classroom


- Black's Pub

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

C-Suite Keynotes & Talk Show Sessions

- Maury Young Arts Centre

4:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Red Bull Joyride

- Boneyard VIP

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Dinner Party

Schedule Highlights

SPX Whistler Speakers


Disrupting Entertainment: Transforming Live Events and Reimagining Engagement
Tom Pistore, President, Oak View Group Canada
Megan MacKay, Director, Partnership Development, Oak View Group Canada

Oak View Group (OVG) is making significant strides in disrupting the sports and entertainment industry. With a forward-thinking approach and a focus on innovation, OVG is challenging conventional models and reshaping the landscape of live events. Join Tom Pistore, President and Megan MacKay, Director, Partnership Development at Oak View Group Canada to explore one of OVG’s latest endeavours: constructing Canada’s only music-and-events-first venue (formerly FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton, Ontario).  Discover how OVG is not only transforming a venue but also a city and an industry. Gain insights into disruptive strategies to enhance fan engagement through immersive and unforgettable experiences. Learn how strategic partnerships are revolutionizing the curation, promotion, and enjoyment of live events, creating unprecedented opportunities to foster advocacy among artists, fans, and communities. Don't miss this chance to explore how to disrupt the status quo, transform your next initiative, and reimagine audience engagement.

The Restorative Movement: Creating Brand Champions through Sustainability
Derrick Emsley, Co-Founder & CEO tentree 
With a focus on doing good things for the planet, businesses can not only drive positive change but also cultivate stronger connections with their customers and communities. Join us for an inspiring session with Derrick Emsley, Co-Founder and CEO of tentree and veritree, as he delves into the transformative power of the "Restorative Movement" and its pivotal role in shaping the future of business. Discover why transitioning from a "Sustainable Mindset" of doing less harm to a "Restorative Mindset" of doing more good is not just a trend, but a necessity for brands in today's landscape. Derrick will showcase the businesses he has built around this philosophy, emphasizing the power of partnerships in achieving remarkable milestones. Learn how tentree has planted 100 million trees to date, with a goal of planting 1 billion trees by the end of the decade. Explore the concept of creating brand champions through sustainability and its potential to drive positive ROI. Leave the session with a strong understanding of how sustainability can be a powerful tool for connecting with customers, fostering brand advocacy, and raising awareness for your company.

Unlocking Brand Advocacy: Leveraging Events to Forge Lasting Connections
Heather Odendaal, Founder & CEO, WNORTH
In an era where consumers crave experiences, events have emerged as powerful platforms for brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Join Heather Odendaal, Founder & Chief Events Officer, Bluebird Strategy and Founder & CEO, WNORTH for a storytelling session that explores the pivotal role events play in brand building, examining strategies for leveraging these experiences to cultivate brand advocacy. From the importance of partnerships to creating memorable experiences, discover how brands can harness the energy of events to foster enduring connections with consumers.

Empowering Dreams: A Human-Centred Journey
Johanne Brousseau, Director, Donations, Sponsorships and Experiential Marketing, Desjardins Financial Group
Join us for an enlightening storytelling session focused on adopting a human-centred approach to business, led by Johanne Brousseau, Donations, Sponsorships & Experiential Marketing Director Desjardins. As Canada's largest cooperative financial group and the sixth-largest globally, Desjardins is committed to community development and prioritizes a human-centred approach to helping individuals achieve their dreams. Gain valuable insights, learn about impactful partnerships, and extract best practices from Johanne as she shares her personal journey and strategies for building brand advocacy through enhancing the lives of individuals and communities. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain actionable insights and inspiration on empowering people to realize their dreams from one of Canada's leading financial institutions.

Trust Matters: Navigating the Path to Positive Change
James Temple, Chief Sustainability Officer, PwC Canada
Earning and fostering trust has become increasingly vital and challenging. In today's competitive landscape, organizations must consistently deliver results amidst heightened competition and the looming threat of disruption, all while meeting rising societal expectations. Trust lies at the heart of PwC's mission and global strategy. Join James Temple, Chief Sustainability Officer at PwC Canada, for an engaging Peak 2 Peak storytelling session delving into the critical currency of trust within organizations. Discover the significance of cultivating and embracing trust within your organizational framework. Gain insights into establishing trust and authenticity to build brand advocacy. Learn methods for measuring trust and uncover what you need to start doing today to initiate positive change for the future.

Empowering the Next Generation: A Brand Ambassador's Guide to Positive Impact
Sandy Ward, Founding Member, Indigenous Women Outdoors
Have you ever wondered how to use your platform to inspire others, make a difference, and leave a lasting legacy? Join Sandy Ward, Founding Member of Indigenous Women Outdoors, for an inspiring storytelling session on her mission to create a safe and welcoming space for Indigenous women and youth to experience the outdoors and deepen their cultural connection to the land. In this captivating session, Sandy, a proud member of the Líl̓wat Nation, will share her remarkable journey. Learn how Sandy's passion for the outdoors and commitment to cultural preservation led her to create meaningful programs and foster connections with Indigenous women and youth. Hear how partners such as Arc'teryx, Telus and evo have supported Sandy's journey from athlete to brand ambassador and producer. Take advantage of this opportunity to hear Sandy's inspiring story and the programs she leads to support the next generation through outdoor activities.