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What to Xpect at SponsorshipX

Hi there. Do you know where you are going to be on July 27? 

Imagine yourself comfortably riding in the sea-to-sky shuttle to Whistler. As you marvel at the combination of city, ocean, and mountain views, the excitement of the next seventy-two hours will be palatable. You have planned for months for this weekend, and it is here - SponsorshipX Whistler. 

The first step, deciding to attend, was easy as you have had SponsorshipX FOMO for years. Next, you pounced on the incredible registration deal of just $ 995 per person for regular conference registration for $ 1695. Then, you shared the information found at with your CFO under the subject line #ROI!

A few weeks after you were fully registered, you added your bookings at our conference hotel, and downloaded the SPX Guest Kit, so you know what to wear and how to pack. 

But now it is time to imagine what seventy-two hours in July will entail. Read on if you dare.

July 27th, 2023

8:00 AM

It is 8:00 AM somewhere, and you are on your way. As you close your eyes on the plane, you picture the mountains, the people, and the upcoming experiences. You are confident you will gain tremendous value from this upcoming weekend.

2:00 PM

At the SponsorshipX registration desk, you gathered up your welcome kit and gear, met a fellow guest and then had a tour of the village. It is your first time in Whistler, and hearing about its origins from one of the community volunteers provided a great background. 

4:00 PM

You look guilty at your hotel bed and think a power nap may be just what you need based on the forum itinerary you read. You will soon learn that an afternoon nap at SponsorshipX is never wrong. Never.

6:00 PM

Refreshed, you are one of the first to arrive at the first official SPX event - Meet, Greet & Eat at a quiet, sunny patio. Don't be surprised if I am the first person you meet with an offer of refreshments. I have liked to bartend since I was fifteen. Don't be even more surprised when the second person you meet is a world-champion mountain biker.

8:30 PM

You remember Whistler Olympic Plaza from 2010, and tonight it is buzzing with fans excited for the Dirt Diaries Film Festival. You wish you had a notepad because the content produced by these mountain bikers turned film producers already has your mind spinning with ideas for your brand.

11:00 PM

Bedtime! No, just kidding. You can regroup with fellow guests at the SPX Hospitality suite or venture out for self-directed "fun."

July 28th, 2023

7:00 AM

This run sounded good on paper, but the first kilometer is misery-inducing. But by the time you pass the first foursome of golfers teeing off on the course next to the running trail, you are full of energy.

11:00 AM

Your head is now genuinely spinning. You just spent 120 Minutes listening to some fantastic thought leaders and their perspectives on critical issues of the day. You loved how their talks all connected.

1:00 PM

Lunch was good, but the view from the gondola up the mountain was even better. You can't wait to start small group discussions on essential sponsorship conversations while being at the world's top. 

7:00 PM

The twelve hours that have lapsed since you laced up those runners feel like twelve days ago but now you are feasting on unique local dishes while chopping it up with a table full of marketers and solving all the world's issues. 

10:00 PM

It is Saturday morning inside your body, but your new best friends aren't taking no for an answer, so a pub-crawling you are. 

July 29th, 2023

8:00 AM

Today, you thank the conference organizers for moving the fitness activities to midday. Besides, you have been excited to get hands-on and see the activations and retail tours. 

11:00 AM

This is the first time you have attended a marketing conference that took you from presentation screens to talking with influencers to brainstorming in the clouds. Now you are jumping on a bike for an invigorating ride through the forests and pasts the lakes. Of course, you are not a cyclist, but the paved trails are fun, and besides, you have been promised they lead to not only Base Camp sessions but also lunch and an inspiring keynote speaker or two. 

5:00 PM

Okay, you are feeling a bit humbled. The international cyclists flying above your head in the Red Bull Joyride event make your midday ride reminiscent of when you first put your daughter on training wheels. But that's okay; we aren't here to compare; we are here to witness a fantastic sporting event with an incredibly passionate fan base as you are surrounded by thirty-thousand cheering Generation C (as in customers!) and any more online. 


There is no question as you walk back to your room from the evening's post-conference celebration that you are going to sleep on your flight tomorrow. But only after you fill your notes app up with all you have learned.   

July 30th, 2023

10:00 AM

Back on the shuttle, you sit next to the one person you wanted to connect with all weekend. Your conversation isn't about who was the best speaker or what was the best idea. Instead, it was about the fact you uncovered the mountain deep inside you that you finally climbed with the help of your new best friends.  

Xperience Pass available now for just - $995 until February 28th. Come as a group of 3 or more pay just $ 895. Regular Price - $ 1695. Prices increase after February 28th.

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