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Three Routes to the Top

Our team is excitedly building the content plan and agenda for SponsorshipX Whistler (July 27-30, 2023). In keeping with our theme Scaling Mountains, they have built three topic tracks I am pleased to share with you today. 

These tracks will resonate with anyone looking to tackle the challenges of not only 2023 but the foreseeable future. We want to have conversations and participate in exercises that help grow our sponsorship programs, impact society, and equip us with the tools to succeed. The sessions will feature a speaker or facilitator, but their success will depend highly on our attendees. That dependence begins today. 

Please let us know if you have an idea or an inspiring thought about who could lead a conversation around one of these topics. My colleague Is the guru of putting our agenda together, so reach out to her. Also, if you have a build for any of these ideas, feel free to share it with Julia or me. 

Before you read them, I want to put you in the right frame of mind by sharing our theme with you again. 

You don’t have to look very far to see them. You don’t need to open your eyes to feel their looming presence as the dread they stir inside you grows. The mountains that marketers face seem to be more numerous every day. Some pop up unexpectedly, while others have been slowly coming into focus as your distance to them narrows. The challenges of economic uncertainty, political instability, and financial upheaval form a range of challenges that all need to be scaled somewhat simultaneously. So you have to ask yourself, are my enterprise and team ready to climb them and am I?

Track 1 - From AI to DEI

How do the significant economic shifts, geopolitics, and innovation impact the sponsorship marketing industry? Does massively sound about right? It certainly does. C- suite leaders and Changemakers will share their perspectives on today's most critical trends and tensions, from AI to DEI, and how they directly impact your opportunities and challenges. 

Track 2 - Hands, Hearts, Heads

Marketers often characterize sponsorship as both an art and a science. However, when executed magically, you can motivate consumers and customers to applaud your partnership, pledge their hearts to your brand, and look at you differently from now until eternity. Hands, Hearts, Heads will examine sponsorship marketing best practices to align with consumer interests, motivate them with great campaigns, and incentivize them to act. But get ready to collaborate with others, as our speakers are not just here to talk about sponsorship marketing; they are here to listen and learn from each of our guests. 

Track 3 - Mountain Guides

The most important sale you need to make every day is the one you make to yourself at sunrise. But most of us need more than a pep talk. Our Mountain Guides will undoubtedly be inspiring, but they will also equip you with the hacks and tools deployed by other successful senior leaders. Every journey begins and ends alone, but we get nowhere without the propulsion of others. 

Mark Harrison

Founder, SponsorshipX

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