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Sponsorship "Training Camp" at the 2023 Grey Cup Festival

We are so excited by your response to the SPX Academy announcement and wanted to share more details

The SPX Academy at Grey Cup Festival 2023 in Hamilton is a one-day experiential learning event designed to be your ultimate sponsorship "training camp." This initiative is our response to the resounding call from the sponsorship marketing community for more development, learning, capacity building, and the opportunity to gain a competitive edge. We're confident this event will empower you and your teams with the skills, knowledge, and insights needed to succeed in today's dynamic sponsorship landscape.

Four Tracks Geared for Learning

Track 1 – Mind Games: Elevating Competency and Capacity

In the fast-paced world of sponsorship, staying ahead of the competition is essential, which begins with personal development. Our Mind Games track offers hands-on training sessions that will help you build your competency and capacity. Expect immersive sessions that dive deep into topics such as negotiation training, a crucial skill for both sponsorship buyers and sellers. These sessions will empower you with the tools to navigate the complex dynamics of sponsorship deals effectively.

Track 1 Thought Starters

- Emotional Intelligence in Sponsorship

- Building Resilience in Sponsorship Negotiations

- Strategies for Effective Persuasion

Track 2 – The Scoreboard: Harnessing Data for Success

In sponsorship, data is king. The Scoreboard track will provide the latest stats, data, analytical tools, and landscape information to inform your next campaign. Stay ahead of the curve by understanding the metrics that matter most and discover how to use data-driven insights to drive your sponsorship strategies

Track 2 Thought Starters

- Measuring ROI in Sponsorship

- Leveraging Predictive Analytics in Sponsorship

- The Power of Data Visualization in Sponsorship Reporting

Track 3 – Scouting Report: Staying Ahead of the Curve

What's next in the world of sponsorship? The Scouting Report track goes beyond trends; it's all about understanding the innovations you should leverage today. Stay ahead of the curve by exploring emerging technologies, evolving consumer behaviours, and cutting-edge strategies that can elevate your sponsorship game.

Track 3 Thought Starters

- Exploring Augmented Reality in Sponsorship Activation

- The Role of Sustainability in Modern Sponsorship

- Navigating the Metaverse: Sponsorship in Virtual Worlds

Track 4 – Brand Fans: Winning Hearts and Loyalty

Ultimately, every brand aims to cultivate more fans, high-value customers, consumers, and clients. The Brand Fans track will showcase case studies from B2B, B2C, and B2B2C examples, illustrating how to achieve record numbers of Brand Fans. Learn from successful campaigns and strategies that have captured hearts and loyalty across various industries.

Track 4 Thought Starters

- Building Authentic Connections with Brand Advocates

- Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value through Sponsorship

- Strategies for Creating Memorable Fan Experiences

Session Types: A Blend of Inspiration and Practica Learning

At SPX Academy, we understand that learning is most effective when blending inspiration and practical application. That's why we offer a range of session types to cater to your unique learning preferences:

C-Suite Keynotes: Expect big thinking and visionary ideas from changemakers and C-level executives. These sessions occur on two main stages, ensuring you gain fresh perspectives in theatre-style rooms.

Activation Zone: Dive into the SPX Activation Zone, where leading-edge partners will help turn your next campaign into a winner. The SPX isn't your typical trade show; it's an opportunity for entertainment and education.

Classroom: Roll up your sleeves and dive deep into specific subjects in small, intimate groups. These sessions provide the professional development needed to advance your career.

Festival Xperiences: Witness sponsorship through hands-on experiences at various locations across the Grey Cup Festival site. Gain insights from brand and property stakeholders through stadium tours, behind-the-scenes production, and brand activation tours.

In conclusion, the SPX Academy at Grey Cup Festival 2023 promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for sponsorship marketing professionals to enhance their skills, gain valuable insights, and network with industry leaders. We invite executives to send their teams to this transformative event, where they'll acquire the knowledge and strategies necessary to excel in the ever-evolving world of sponsorship marketing.

Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your sponsorship game. Join us at the SPX Academy in the Hammer, and be part of the future of sponsorship marketing.

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