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A Letter from MH3

Welcome to SponsorshipX 2023!

Yes, my friends, 2023 is already one month in the books, and your holidays are a distant memory. Thank you for an excellent 2022 as we returned to live events for the first time since 2019. Three years without being together was far too long.

Our return last year was epic. SponsorshipX Whistler in August was magical. A tight-knit group of sixty unique humans bonded as they commemorated our return and tackled new ways of thinking about 2022 and the focus on Impact over Impressions. We heard from notable speakers such as Eliot Jackson of Grow Cycling and Hossein Hassani from GM, both of whom are changing the world. Then, we dined and hiked at the top of the mountain, cheered for Crankworx competitors, and let it loose at the Red Bull after-party.

In November, over three hundred of you gathered in Montreal for The Era of Belonging. Each and every one of you experienced that sense of Belonging, whether you were at an inspiring keynote, at our fantastic dinner party with Tre’dish, cheering loudly at our FIFA World Cup Viewing Party Presented by CIBC, or in a classroom session with your sleeves rolled up and your brain exploding.

The momentum of our return won’t stop there. Our plan for 2023 includes new event formats, new content, and a renewed focussed on sponsorship marketing strategies. So many of you have given us input into what you want to see and what your budget can afford. As you watch our announcements, you will see we listened. Or maybe I should say you will hear what we saw.

SponsorshipX 2023 is going to feature a menu of opportunities for your selection, including:

Multi-day forums in unique locations tackling significant issues.

Accessible digital content featuring current events

Single-day events with a focus on development and capacity building

These events will be planned, priced, and produced so you can choose between travelling for an immersive commitment, consuming a quick hit from your desk, or staying local for an invaluable seminar and networking.

Announcement # 1 for SponsorshipX 20203 is our return to Whistler. If you had FOMO for the 2022 event, block July 27–30th off your calendars and get ready for Scaling Mountains at SponsorshipX Whistler.

We know that 2023 will place some significant obstacles in our way. Economic uncertainty. Rising demand by CFOs to validate our sponsorship investments. Achieving our personal objectives when we seem to get tripped up every day. Enough of all that; we are committed to tackling these problems head-on at SponsorshipX Whistler. Our summit will feature senior leaders sharing strategic insights, their best sponsorship marketing playbooks, and new approaches to internal selling.

Yes, we will hike, bike, and dine, but we will be serious about our fun.

This event is for you if you are a senior sponsorship marketing professional. It will be tight-knit, purposeful, and life-changing.

I will see you at the top.


Mark Harrison

Founder, SponsorshipX

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