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AUGUST 7 - 9, 2024

"Join us at SponsorshipX Paris 2024 to unlock the future of global partnerships and ride the wave of innovation in sponsorship marketing in the world's top tourist city!"

Mark Harrison, SponsorshipX Founder 

What Happens At SPX Paris?

SponsorshipX Paris, set against the backdrop of the eagerly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics, welcomes attendees to Canada Olympic House, the official venue at the Paris Science Centre. Spanning three forum days from August 7 to 9, the event ensures a seamless experience for participants and promises insights from major international and national Olympic partners and brand sponsors.

Participants will explore the intricacies of local and global partnerships, delving into each collaboration's inherent strengths and challenges. The dynamic world of sponsorships takes center stage, with discussions revolving around the latest trends and potential conflicts. The conference emphasizes the significant impact brands can achieve by leveraging the Olympics and Paralympics for marketing and social initiatives.

Innovation is a central theme, offering a glimpse into cutting-edge sponsorship marketing strategies, including technology-driven approaches and creative branding. Furthermore, the evolving landscape of sports broadcasting takes the spotlight, providing insights into its influence on sponsorship strategies.

Structured as mini-conferences, each forum day includes keynotes, panels, and brunch at Canada Olympic House, providing ample opportunities for networking with industry leaders. This is followed by subsequent Olympic activities. Attendees have the option to participate for a single day or immerse themselves in the three-day experience. Additional highlights include afternoon keynotes on August 7, an activation tour, and an SPX dinner. August 8 features an Olympic experience, while August 9 concludes with a theatre event, an Olympic experience, and dinner.

Under the overarching theme, 'The Future of Global Partnerships,' this event sets the stage for exploring and shaping the future of sponsorship marketing. Your participation in SponsorshipX Paris is not just about witnessing the magic of the Games in the City of Light but about actively contributing to the future of our industry amidst 2024.

As the world unites through sport, SponsorshipX Paris invites participants to shape the future of global partnerships and the role of sponsorships in this extraordinary journey. Explore the future of sponsorship marketing amidst the excitement of the Olympics in the heart of Paris.

Theme: The Future of Global Partnerships    

Experience the Future of Global Partnerships at SponsorshipX Paris 2024.

Join us at this eagerly anticipated international event, the first one that is fully open to fans since the pandemic. Under the theme of 'The Future of Global Partnerships,' our conference promises to be a spectacular exploration of the evolving landscape of sponsorship marketing.

As the world’s greatest sporting spectacle descends upon the number one tourist city, we will delve into a wide range of topics that will shape the future of partnerships:

  • Local vs. Global Partnerships: Uncover the strategies and nuances behind local and global sponsorship collaborations, dissecting the strengths and challenges of each

  • Trends and Tensions in Sponsorships: Dive deep into the latest trends and potential conflicts that arise in the dynamic world of sponsorships.

  • Leveraging the Global Properties: Explore how brands harness the power of multinational events to elevate their marketing and social impact.

  • Innovation: Discover cutting-edge approaches and innovations in sponsorship marketing, including technology-driven strategies and creative branding.

  • Future of Broadcast Sports: Gain insights into the ever-evolving landscape of sports broadcasting and how this impacts sponsorship strategies.

This event will not only be a platform for thought-provoking discussions but also a unique opportunity to witness the magic of the of the world coming together. As the world unites through sport in the City of Light, we invite you to be part of shaping the future of global partnerships and the role of sponsorships in this extraordinary journey.

Don't miss this exceptional chance to explore the future of sponsorship marketing amid the thrill of the Games in the heart of Paris.

Session Types

Session Types

C-Suite Keynotes

These sessions delivered by changemakers, c-level executives, and collaborators take place on the main stage with a life-size screen in a theatre-style room. Expect big thinking and big ideas to be explored in new and engaging ways.​

Talk Show

Talk Show sessions feature 1:1 interviews, debates, panels, and reports from around the world hosted by a diverse range of moderators and facilitators. These sessions are designed to be a collaborative and interactive experience for everyone. ​


This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and do a deep dive on a particular subject or topic. In small, intimate groups, these sessions are curated to provide the professional development you need to help advance your career. ​

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Canada Olympic House


Networking Breakfast 
Canada Olympic House

Lunch & Behind the Scenes
Canada Olympic House



Canada Olympic House


Networking Breakfast 
Canada Olympic House

Lunch & Behind the Scenes
Canada Olympic House



Canada Olympic House


Networking Breakfast 
Canada Olympic House

Lunch & Behind the Scenes
Canada Olympic House


Fan Experience

Ready for more? Explore the full schedule details 


SPX Paris Speakers


Opening Address
Mark Harrison, Founder, SponsorshipX
Join Mark Harrison, Founder of SponsorshipX, as he hosts our daily plenary sessions filled with a podium-worthy lineup of global partnership experts.

August 7 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

From Global to Local: Exploring A Multifaceted Olympic Partnership
Brad Ross, VP Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Partnerships, The Coca-Cola Company
The Coca-Cola Company holds the distinction of being the longest-standing partner of the Olympic Movement, supporting every edition of the Olympic Games since 1928. Beyond refreshing Olympic athletes, officials, and spectators with its diverse portfolio of beverages, Coca-Cola helps build public excitement ahead of each edition of the Games through its global and local marketing campaigns and entertains fans on site in the host cities with its interactive activations. Join Brad Ross, VP of Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Partnerships at The Coca-Cola Company, for an enlightening session exploring the company's partnership with the Olympic Movement. Discover how Coca-Cola's involvement comes to life on a global scale, within local markets, and in host cities. Uncover the strategies and nuances behind local and global sponsorship collaborations, dissecting the strengths and challenges of each. Gain a deeper understanding of how Coca- Cola's innovative approaches drive its successful, long-standing relationship with the Olympic Games, and learn how you can elevate partnerships on both local and global scales.

August 7 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation
Sarah Vickers, Head of Olympic and Paralympic Games Program, Intel
AI has become omnipresent, marking a transformative shift in the way humans and technology interact.  With a mission of Bringing AI Everywhere, Intel is committed to making AI accessible to everyone regardless of location, ethnicity, gender or background. As the Official Worldwide AI Platform Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, Intel will introduce new, innovative AI experiences that will enable next-generation engagement for fans, athletes and viewers worldwide. Join Sarah Vickers, Head of Intel’s Olympic and Paralympic Games Program for an inspiring Q&A session on innovation at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and beyond. Discover how Intel is revolutionizing the Olympics and Paralympics through AI to deepen connectivity and interaction with fans. Learn about Intel’s latest AI initiatives, including an immersive sports activation that enables fans to experience cutting-edge technology used to measure athletic potential. Explore Intel’s newest end-to-end 8K video, which delivers customized digital content to viewers faster than ever thanks to its collaboration with Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS). Uncover major advancements in universal accessibility at selected Olympic and Paralympic Games venues and discover what lies ahead for this trailblazing company as it continues to push the boundaries of innovation.

August 7 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

Mastering Global Sports Sponsorship: Strategies for Maximizing Value
Ricardo Fort, Founder, Sport By Fort LLC
As global events shift westward in the next decade, the number of sponsors from America and Western Europe is set to increase significantly. These public companies must demonstrate discipline in evaluating investments, measuring returns, and ensuring every dollar benefits their businesses. Join Ricardo Fort, Founder of Sport By Fort, for an insightful keynote session on strategies for maximizing sponsorship value in the years ahead. Drawing on best practices from diverse industries, Ricardo will delve into what it takes to thrive in the world of global sports. Discover practical tips on critical success factors and pitfalls to avoid, ensuring you optimize your return on investment. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights and position your company for success in the evolving landscape of global sports sponsorship.

August 7 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

Global Growth: Strategies for Expanding Your Brand Internationally
Phil Cook, CMO, WNBA
Julie Morris, SVP, Head of Commercial Development & Media, NBA

Join us for an engaging session where we explore essential strategies and insights to grow your brand's presence across international markets. Whether you're a startup looking to go global or an established business aiming to fortify your global footprint, this session offers practical guidance. Join Phil Cook, CMO, WNBA, and Julie Morris, SVP Commercial Development & Media, NBA, to learn about effective strategies for navigating global growth. Gain valuable insights into identifying lucrative global markets, leveraging strategic partnerships, and fostering innovation to amplify brand visibility and fan engagement on a global scale. Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with actionable insights and best practices for achieving global brand growth.

August 7 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

Unlocking Potential Through Sport – Preparing Athletes and Fans to Get Ready for The Best! 
Ana Shapiro Queenan, Global Market Account Management, Olympic and Paralympic Team, Allianz

As one of the more recent TOP (The Olympic Programme) partners, Allianz officially launched an eight-year global partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in 2021, expanding their support for the Paralympic Movement, which began in 2006. Their work extends beyond insurance; they aim to inspire people, prepare athletes for competition, and create a positive impact worldwide. Join Ana Shapiro Queenan, Global Market Account Management, Olympic and Paralympic Team, Allianz, for an engaging session exploring Allianz’s mission to inspire people and prepare them for everything life has to offer. Discover how Allianz leverages the Olympic and Paralympic Games to help over 150 athletes around the world prepare for competition and inspire customers, fans and employees with stories of great effort and achievement. Gain insights into strategies and best practices for building consumer trust worldwide. Learn about Allianz’s commitment around the world to support diversity, raise awareness about important social issues, and get the next generation moving with their MoveNow Program. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how Allianz’s partnerships embody their values of integrity, care, excellence, and respect, and be inspired by their efforts to prepare people for all that life has to offer, making a positive impact worldwide.
August 8 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

Opening Doors Worldwide: Enhancing Experiences and Engagement
Felix Vo, Airbnb

When the Olympic and Paralympic Games come to town, locals welcome guests from around the world. With Airbnb, hosts embrace this vibrant atmosphere, opening their homes and cities to share in the excitement of the world’s premier sporting event. Join Felix Vo, Government Affairs Lead, OCOG/NOC/NPC Relations, Olympics and Paralympics at Airbnb, for an insightful discussion on the company’s nine-year, five-Games partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Explore how Airbnb elevates the Olympic experience by embedding its platform into the Games and enhancing accommodations and authentic local experiences for athletes and fans worldwide. Gain insights into Airbnb’s support for athletes on their Olympic and Paralympic journeys by assisting with training and qualification costs. Discover Airbnb’s commitment to preserving the legacy of the Games in host cities and its vision for leveraging future locations to engage local hosts and promote international travel experiences for athletes and their supporters. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how Airbnb enriches the Olympic and Paralympic experience for hosts, athletes and fans alike, fostering global connections and unforgettable moments in cities worldwide.

August 9 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

Revolutionizing Hospitality: Global Innovations in Marketing and Partnerships
Stuart Wareman, Global SVP, Sponsorship, Events & Experiences, Accor

Accor, a global leader in the hospitality industry, boasts an impressive portfolio of partnerships with premier sporting events. Their collaborations include the iconic Tour de France, the prestigious Rugby World Cup 2023, and the renowned Roland-Garros tennis tournament. Additionally, Accor has served as a contractor for the FIFA World Cup and is an official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Leveraging its extensive expertise in hosting major sporting events, Accor aims to introduce guests, locals, fans, and spectators worldwide to its innovative and unique approach to experience-based hospitality. Join Stuart Wareman, Global SVP of Sponsorship, Events & Experiences at Accor, to gain insights into the company's distinctive approach to marketing and partnerships worldwide. Discover how Accor navigates the customer journey, from creating top-of-mind awareness with bespoke activation programs for its hotel brands to engaging new and existing loyalty members within its ecosystem. Additionally, discover effective strategies for maximizing business returns by enhancing value propositions, evaluating sponsorships, and optimizing revenue potential through exploring various revenue streams. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn how Accor is enhancing experience-based hospitality on a global scale through its innovative marketing and partnership strategies.
August 9 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House

Empowering Dreams, Embracing Inclusion
Nicolas Macé, Paris 2024 Program Director, Visa

As a long-standing partner of the Olympic Movement since 1986 and the inaugural global partner of the International Paralympic Committee since 2002, Visa is dedicated to building an inclusive world through sport, empowering more Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls to reach their dreams while delivering greater digital access to more fans. Join Nicolas Macé, Paris 2024 Program Director at Visa, for an inspiring session that delves into Visa's role as the exclusive Payment Technology Partner for the upcoming Paris 2024 Games. Discover how Visa is bringing together athletes, fans, and the City of Light through this global partnership. Explore Visa's activations at the Games, which aim to foster an inclusive world through the power of sport. Gain insights into the significance of Visa's partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the company's vital role in making Paris 2024 the most memorable edition of all time. Furthermore, uncover what the future holds for Visa's involvement in upcoming Games, as the company continues to embrace its commitment to unifying and building an inclusive world through the power of sport.
August 9 | 9am - 11pm Sessions @ Canada Olympic House


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ATPI Sports Travel is part of the global business travel and event management organization ATPI. With nearly three decades of experience, ATPI Sports Travel has worked in partnership with organizing and national committees to deliver travel and hospitality programs and packages for corporate sponsors and consumers to the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, The Ocean Race, the Rugby World Cup, and various football and motorsports events. In addition, they are the travel and event logistic specialists for International and National Sports Federations and sporting bodies. That accumulation of experience is how they have gained a thorough understanding of the numerous demands unique to the world of sports.

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Venues | Canada  Olympic House 

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, 30 Av. Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris, France
Located in: La Villette


What you need to know about Canada Olympic House for Paris 2024

Canada Olympic House is a special space that brings together Team Canada athletes, their families, invited guests and fans at the Olympic Games. 

Here’s what you need to know about Canada Olympic House at Paris 2024. More details, including ticketing information, will be added as it becomes available. Go to and subscribe to receive email notifications and stay up-to-date on everything Canada Olympic House. 


What is Canada Olympic House?

Canada Olympic House (COH) is the home-away-from-home for Team Canada athletes and their families, as well as fans from Canada and all over the world. Paris 2024 will mark a return for Canada Olympic House for the first time since PyeongChang 2018, and at the Summer Olympic Games since Rio 2016. 

COH is expected to welcome a large number of guests over the course of the 2024 Olympic Games to enjoy competition viewing, athlete appearances, live performances, and curated food and beverage offerings.

Where is Canada Olympic House located?

Canada Olympic House is located in La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Parc de la Villette. During the Games, Parc de la Villette (the largest landscaped park in Paris!) will be known as the “Park of Nations,” a gathering spot for many National Olympic Committee hospitality spaces, including the host nation’s Club France. 


La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie is the fifth most popular cultural institution in France and is set to be a hub of international celebration during Paris 2024. We hope to see you there!