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Your ticket to three days of great content, connections, and experiences.

SponsorshipX Montréal is an opportunity for folks in the sponsorship marketing industry to come together to celebrate, listen, and learn as we all work together to make the world a better place. It’s a chance to forge new relationships, reward a team, and think differently. 

SponsorshipX Montréal also offers the opportunity to build capacity and provide a platform for grassroots organizations that might not have a seat at the table at other conferences by providing space and showcasing our industry’s future business leaders.

Theme: The Era of Belonging

Sponsorship X Montréal will be all about exploring how we can all contribute to and build a new era of belonging. Fundamentally, sponsorship is about brands creating opportunities for customers to enjoy the things they love. Sponsorship is often the reason why our favourite festivals, events, and games can happen—but it’s no longer enough to simply cut a cheque.

In our current era and reality, the sponsorship industry has a tremendous opportunity to do more. To shape culture. To create the conditions where no matter what you look like, who you love, how you identify, you feel like you belong. 

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Cold? No way

Our team has arrived, load-in has begun, and the finishing touches are underway as you read this.


A few new speakers to announce, a surprise opportunity with the Arkells for our delegates. (You have to be registered to find out.)

MTL Speakers

Our Speakers

Session Types

Session Types

C-Suite Keynotes

These sessions delivered by changemakers, c-level executives, and collaborators take place on the main stage with a life-size screen in a theatre-style room, the Salle Margaret. Expect big thinking and big ideas to be explored in new and engaging ways.​

Talk Show

Talk Show sessions feature 1:1 interviews, debates, panels, and reports from around the world hosted by a diverse range of moderators and facilitators. These sessions take place in the Salle Edward and are designed to be a collaborative and interactive experience for everyone. ​


This is your chance to roll up your sleeves and do a deep dive on a particular subject or topic. In small, intimate groups, these sessions take place in either the Bibliothéque or the Cabinette and are curated to provide the professional development you need to help advance your career. ​


This is where we show, not just tell with hands-on experiences held at various locations across Montreal. These sessions tend to be anywhere from one to three hours long and are anything but typical. Exact locations will be announced shortly.​

Fireside Chats

Sometimes, a laid-back setting—not to mention a few refreshments—is the best way to unwind and learn something new. Our fireside chats feature informal discussions with tastemakers, artists, advocates, and entrepreneurs, where together, you’ll tackle the most significant challenges our world faces today. Exact locations are still to come, so stay tuned!​



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Better Together

Hear industry leaders explore emerging trends in sponsorship such as purpose-driven marketing, mental health, DEI, technology, and the growing interest in the beautiful game. Topics will also include discussion around the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to the challenges of partnership.

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The best stories are about heroic underdogs overcoming adversity, surmounting impossible challenges, and the dramatic highs and lows that happen along the way. Gather ‘round to hear from incredible storytellers—including established and new voices—as they tell real tales that would be right at home on the big screen or in the pages of the next best seller.  

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Engaging Loved Ones

Whether it’s by pushing new boundaries with innovative tech, or engaging new stakeholders like employees, these sessions will discuss how the future of activation, engagement, and experiential opportunities will create new ways to build big love for brands.​

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What gets measured gets done, but how we measure business, brand, and impact is rapidly changing. These sessions will consider the question: “what does success look like?”.​

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People are both the most essential and the most complex part of any business. From training volunteers to serving partners and clients, working with new community groups, building internal teams, and everything in between, learn new ways to build a people-first approach.​


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